New building Hohlstrasse 100, Zürich

In Hohlstrasse, centrally located in Zurich, a new building with aerogel insulation for the façade is currently being constructed. The building is being built as a sceleton construction with wood façade elements insulated with aerogel. Due to the usage of aerogel insulation materials, the thermal envelope is slim, which leads to a greater floor area in the interior. Through this additional usable space, which has a high financial value in the inner city, the high cost of the aerogel material can be compensated. In doing so, strict energy requirements are achieved and the project is being certified according to Minergie-P-A. The façade element reaches a u-value of 0.2 W/(m²·K) with a thickness of only 135 mm. The construction project was supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the building department of Zürich as a pilot, demonstration and lighthouse project and was scientifically supported by Empa.