Manoir de Cormondrèche, Cormondrèche (canton of Neuchâtel)


The Manoir de Cormondrèche near Neuchâtel was a manor house with 27 rooms, in its interior containing mural paintings from its time of origin. The house is a listed building of the canton of Neuchâtel. However a comprehensive renovation of the building was necessary because it had undergone no changes or renewals since 1902. This was done in 2014. The roof and the façade were renewed and the interior rooms were rearranged. The façade was insulated with 20 mm Heck AERO aerogel boards and the interiors were divided into five flats. The requirements of the monument protection called for a mineral plaster on the outside, while measures to improve the thermal properties from the interior was not possible due to the murals.

By insulating the outer walls, the surface temperature in the interior could be increased, so that the comfort was improved. This also prevents condensation on the interior walls, which is beneficial for the preservation of the paintings, which were also restored during the renovation. As a result of the energetic restoration, the building has received a class B in the Energy Performance Certificate of the Canton (GEAK), while buildings of this construction period usually have class G.


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